General Coordination


Eduardo Mario Dias – USP, GAESI

Graduated in Electrical Engineering from the University of São Paulo (1974), Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of São Paulo (1976) and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of São Paulo (1978). Currently he is professor at the University of São Paulo, acting on the following topics: containers, ports, port automation, induction motors, voltage unbalance, electric lighting, automation, fuzzy logic and automatic vehicle identification. Academic Director of the Centre of Excellence Port (CENEP) from February 2013 to February 2016. Member of the Steering Committee of Implementation of the National System of medications Control, designated by ANVISA – National Health Surveillance Agency, as a principal representative of GAESI/PEA/EPUSP, published in the Gazette on 02/11/2014. E-mail:

Invited Speakers

Ana Paula Vendramini Maniero

Ana Paula Vendramini Maniero – GS1

Bachelor of Computer Science graduated from USP and Post Graduate in Management by Processes from ESPM – SP. Operates more than 20 years in the area of B2B integration projects, automation and traceability. In GS1 Brazil, coordinates the Business Solutions and serves 13 years in leading projects and working groups in order to optimize logistics, traceability and visibility in the supply chain in many industries among the sector of Health. International Experience in projects and training in Traceability and food safety and patient. Speaker of the entity demonstrating applications, implementations and technical regulations of the GS1 System in the supply chain and its benefits to the entire community. E-mail:

Alfonso Izarra

Alfonso Izarra – ISPE

He has more than 25 years of experience in the Information Technology area primarily in Life Sciences industries. He acts as Director – partner of e-Conformidade Premium focusing on processes and systems compliance at the Life Sciences Industries. Systems engineering degree by the Universidad de Los Andes (ULA), Venezuela, MBA in Executive Business Management from FGV -SP, and MBA in Strategic Management from USP. Currently acts as a member and President (2013-2014) of ISPE Brazil, IIBA member and member of the ISACA. E-mail:

Daniel BioDaniel Bio – SAP

Production Engineer formed from the FEI (School of Industrial Engineering); Business Administrator in Mackenzie; MBA in Supply Chain Management from the University of San Carlos/USP. 20 Years of experience in Manufacturing industries (Discrete and Process) with emphasis on Automotive Industry acting as responsible for Logistics, Materials, Transportation, Industrial Engineering, Production, Purchasing and Sales. 16 years at SAP, currently in the role of Business Development Manager responsible for Solutions Management Supply Chain (Supply Chain); EAM: Engineering and Product Development and Manufacturing. Teacher Network Design in FIPECAFI – since 2008. E-mail:

Paulo RochaPaulo Rocha – Rockwell Automation

Electrical Engineer graduated from Poly – USP. 30 Years of experience in Manufacturing automation industries (Discrete and Process), working on defining automation architectures, control and integration. Responsible for the promotion of the product lines control and Rockwell Automation visualization. E-mail:

Luiz Natal RossiLuiz Natal Rossi – DTI-USP

Director of the Department of Information Technology of the University of São Paulo – USP-DTI, graduated engineer from the Polytechnic School of USP, Master’s degree and Ph.D. in engineering from the same school. Since 1982 he is a professor at the Polytechnic in the course of electronic engineering. Consultant in quality management, project manager in IT. Coordinates, since 2011, the USP Cloud larger project of cloud computing at universities in Latin America, having received the international award Citrix Inovattion Award in 2013 for its innovation and comprehensiveness. E-mail:

Márcio Gonçalves – PWCMarcio Golçalves

Marcio has 18 years of professional experience with a focus on Management Consulting. Led several initiatives within large institutions with a focus on Business Intelligence, BPM, Channels, Convergence Solutions, Reengineering of Process and implementation of integrated solutions based on product implementation and regulatory. Supporting companies in business strategies in order to obtain sustainable cost reduction and process improvement. Degree in Technology from the Faculty of Technology of São Paulo, Accounting Sciences from PUC – SP and MBA in Business Management from IPT/USP. E-mail:

Rafael Latorre – Antares Vision

Has 12 years of professional experience, specialized in industrial automation, vision systems and optical control applied to the industrial environment of the life sciences, operates 6 years predominantly with business security of pharmaceutical packaging for primary and secondary packaging materials. Due his ability to describe complex solutions in an easily understandable way is supported by a large team of experts, engineers and software developers and hardware which allows to present a peripheral vision of needs linked to criteria deployment of security solutions in the pharmaceutical supply chain. In front of Antares Vision of Brazil as General Manager (subsidiary of Italian mother – Brescia), a global market leader, with more than 400 production lines in full operation of traceability of medicines in countries like Turkey, USA, South Korea, China, Argentina, and Europe, using as a tool the particular knowledge acquired with the large number of applications in this field of business and he is responsible for all activities related to client and business development in local and multinational industries. E-mail:

Rodrigo KleinRodrigo Klein – T2 Software

With training in the areas of Technology and Systems Analysis, Rodrigo Klein , 34, is Director of technology at T2 Software. Was coordinator of IT (Information Technology) Group, responsible for developing the Traceability Pilot Project run by ETCO Institute , which developed the software that is used to track all units of the pilot in the pharmaceutical chain. Has over 18 years of professional IT experience, and since 2001, has solid performance in the healthcare industry and works with traceability of medicines in the pharmaceutical industry since 2008 when he was manager at Interfarma. E-mail:

Academic Committee

 Elcio Brito – SPI, USP    elcio

He is a director and shareholder of SPI Integration Systems Ltd. , engineering company dedicated to the development of automation and information technology solutions for industries. Is PhD in Electrical Engineering from Poli/USP, MSc in Industrial Engineering from FEI, Master Systèmes d’Information et d’ Organisation from University Pierre Mendes (France), Master in Business Administration in IT Management by FIA/USP, Administrator companies FAAP and Systems Analyst at Mackenzie. E-mail:


Luzia do Carmo Namiki – USP

Formed in pedagogy by Integrated School of Marilia. Have intensive course of Executive Secretary and also Business Administration from the Anhembi Morumbi University. Retired secretary of the Department of Electrical Engineering, EPUSP. Is Secretary of GAESI/PEA/EPUSP, helping manage several research and extension projects developed by GAESI. E-mail:

maria lidia

Maria Lídia Dias – USP

Graduated in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (2003 ), Degree in Social Sciences from the University of São Paulo (2008), Degree in Social Sciences from the Faculty of Education of University of São Paulo (2010) and MS in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic School of University of São Paulo (2012). Currently she is a researcher and PhD student at the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo. E-mail:


Melissa Pokorny – USP

Graduated in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (2003), with specialization in Tax Law from Getulio Vargas Foundation (GVLaw) (2007), acting as coordinator of the tax department office Trevisioli Advogados Associados for 7 years. Currently doing masters in supply chain traceability and safe at the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo. Acts as a Researcher of the group Gaesi – Poli – USP. E-mail: