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Global Progress

In a report published by the WHO (World Health Organization) in october 2020, the organization provides a guide for the implementation of the drug traceability system. This report addresses the characteristics of the traceability systems.

This report was prepared based on more than 40 countries that started the development of the traceability system. From the data obtained, the following stood out: Scope of each system, standard used, type of system, data carrier, and what type of data is stored, the main challenges faced and those anticipated.
These data allowed WHO to briefly present the potential opportunities for implementing the system, as well as the risks that countries should expect. In addition, the report presents nine macro characteristics that the system must contain and presents its implementation process.

In addition to all the information contained in the report, it also stands out for its base of recent data (some data obtained this year) ensuring that the content presented by it is relevant and current for all countries that are in the process of development, implementation and updating of the drug traceability system.

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